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Prevention Education and Outreach Recommendations

In the work towards primary prevention of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct, Prevention Education & Outreach recommends the following for University units, schools and/or divisions:


Use the Prevention Education and Outreach Toolkit and the D+I Planning Toolkit to create an overall plan for the community.

Understand the experience of students within your unit

Conduct follow-up specific to student experiences and explore additional ways to support students in your area.

Develop initiatives

Identify and engage key members from your unit to help develop initiatives to address issues of climate, harassment, and civility.


Work with Prevention Education & Outreach and Communications staff to develop communications that can be used by the Dean, Department Chairs, Faculty, or Senior Administrators in the department in communicating about prevention education and resources.


Work with Prevention Education & Outreach to develop workshops specific to the needs of your unit, including to create an annual curriculum with active and passive programming on prevention. An annual curriculum includes: working with units to develop a tailored annual curriculum with active and passive programming on sexual harassment prevention for students and can include educational opportunities for faculty and staff. Request a workshop or consult.

Consult with Prevention Education & Outreach

…on any of these approaches and/ or a comprehensive annual prevention strategy.

To learn more, contact Vickie Sides, Director of Prevention Education and Outreach, at vsides@uchicago.edu or Request a workshop or consult.

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