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Discrimination, harassment, and sexual and relationship harm is preventable. At the University of Chicago, community members engage with the topics related to the prevention of sexual and relationship harm through the required annual training, Orientation information, and workshops on harassment, discrimination and sexual violence delivered through UChicago CARES.

The Prevention Education and Outreach team offers a variety of initiatives to provide awareness and education around multiple issues related to sexual harm, including sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, bystander intervention and stalking, as well as harassment and discrimination. We engage a variety of learning modalities to deliver workshops to the community. We invite you to request a workshop on the topic of your interest, which can be delivered virtually or in-person.

For more information, contact Vickie Sides (Director, Prevention Education & Outreach, UChicago CARES) by email at vsides@uchicago.edu.

For undergraduate students: Request an RSVP Workshop ›

For graduate and professional students, academics and staff: Request a Workshop / Consult ›

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