The University of Chicago is a community of scholars dedicated to research, academic excellence, and the pursuit and cultivation of learning. Members of the University community cannot thrive unless each is accepted as an autonomous individual and is treated without regard to characteristics irrelevant to participation in the life of the University. Freedom of expression is vital to our shared goal of the pursuit of knowledge and should not be restricted by a multitude of rules. At the same time, unlawful discrimination, including harassment, compromises the integrity of the University. The University is committed to taking necessary action to prevent, correct, and, where indicated, discipline unlawful discrimination.

The University prohibits discrimination, unlawful harassment, including Title IX sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct, through two primary policies: the Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct, and the Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment. To learn more about these policies and related processes, review the links below, or contact a member of the UChicago CARES team from Resolution Services.

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