The Center for Awareness, Resolution, Education, and Support (UChicago CARES) works to prevent and respond to discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct within the University community. The Center supports all members of the University community through prevention education and training; responding to reports; providing services, support, and resources; and facilitating resolution options.

UChicago CARES is committed to care through work that is person-centered, equitable, fair, transparent, and trauma-informed. UChicago CARES works to advance the University’s core values – academic rigor, free expression, and diversity and inclusion – through cultivating a safer, more inclusive community where everyone feels that they belong and are invited to learn and contribute.

Under both federal law and University Policy, CARES cannot discuss matters involving another student’s individual circumstances. CARES primary purpose is to respond to, provide support services and resources, and facilitate resolution options for members of the campus community who have experienced discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct; CARES will not engage with members of the community solely for the purposes of soliciting information regarding another student’s circumstances.

CARES understands that many students come to CARES in crisis; CARES is committed to being responsive in our interactions, however, CARES is not a 24/7 crisis center. We operation on standard business hours, Monday-Friday. We care about, and understand, that many of the issues we respond to have urgency or timeliness, and therefore we are committed to providing the community with information regarding services that are available 24/7/365. If you need immediate, emergency assistance, contact UCPD/ CPD. For other immediate response, you may contact Sexual Assault Deans on Call (for students) or Staff & Faculty Assistance Program (Perspectives) (for faculty and staff). For the services that our office provides, we will respond to any inquiries during our normal operating hours.

CARES is committed to being kind, trauma-informed, and respectful in these interactions, and expects members of the community maintain respectful behavior. CARES will not tolerate, and will end, interactions that become abusive in nature.

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