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Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Students

Assistance from UChicago CARES

UChicago CARES provides support, resources, and accommodations for pregnant and parenting students. These can include:

Time off following delivery

Academic accommodations

  • Examples include excused absences for doctor’s appointments, ability to make up missed work, extensions on assignments

Accommodations for immediate post-partum period

  • Examples include support with registration, additional academic and work accommodations, ability to leave class for lactation purposes, including setting up lactation rooms

Family Resource Center

The UChicago Family Resource Center is part of UChicago GRAD, and it is a drop-in center that provides programming, information, and support to pregnant and parenting students. Additionally, it offers PhD childcare stipends, resource guides, and a student parent market for students to buy, sell, give, or donate items.

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