Syllabus Statement

The University and its faculty are committed to creating a safer and more inclusive learning environment for all students. At the University, all faculty, staff, graduate student instructors, and teaching assistants are considered “Individuals with Reporting Responsibilities” and are required to let the University’s Title IX Coordinator know about any disclosures they receive from students, faculty, staff, other academic appointees, or postdoctoral researchers about experiences of sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment). This includes disclosures of experiences that happened before their time at the University. This is to ensure that all community members who have experienced sexual misconduct receive support, options, and information about their rights and resources. Community members are not obligated to respond to this outreach, and this will not generate a report to law enforcement.

For more information, please see this handout for students as well as the University’s Policy on Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct and Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment. You can also reach out directly for services and support from UChicago CARES by emailing

If you, or another community member you know, wishes to speak to a confidential resource who does not have this reporting responsibility, please contact:

  • For Students: The Sexual Assault Dean on Call through the UChicago Safe App or at 773.834.HELP
  • For Academics and Staff: Perspectives online or at 800.456.6327

*Note to instructors: if you have a particular assignment that typically triggers disclosures from students, it may be helpful to include this statement again in the assignment description

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