1. Prevention Education and Training
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Campus-Wide Annual Training Requirement

Please see video links below for more information on campus resources for addressing harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct.

UChicago HELP
Presentation from UChicago HELP with details on Dean-On-Call and Sexual Assault Dean-On-Call programs, Bias Education and Support Team (BEST), and student case management. (6 minutes)

UChicago Student Wellness
Presentation from Student Wellness with more information on mental health resources and post-assault medical care available for students. (13 minutes)

Presentation from Perspectives Faculty and Staff Employee Assistance Program. (5 minutes)

Related Trainings

Center for Digital Accessibility
Equal Opportunity Programs also works with the Center for Digital Accessibility to ensure access to digital resources for members of the campus community, including individuals with disabilities and people using assistive technologies. CDA offers a variety of recorded trainings on digital accessibility at their website above.

CARES Resource Sheets

Support for Students
Support for Academics and Staff
What Individuals with Reporting Responsibilities Need to Know


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