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Annual Reporting

UChicago CARES Annual Report

UChicago CARES provides a report of its work to prevent and respond to harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct annually. View the 2022-2023 annual report and past annual reports.

Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act Annual Reports

The University of Chicago submits an annual report to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, which includes information on its policies and processes for resolving complaints of sexual misconduct, confidential resources, participation in a sexual misconduct prevention task force, annual sexual misconduct prevention training for students, faculty, and staff, and data of reports received. Learn more.

Annual Incident Report Statistics

Annual report by the Office of the Dean of Students in the University regarding reports of harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct involving University students, which includes matters heard by the University-wide Student Disciplinary Committee in which a student is the respondent. Learn more.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Annual report by the University’s Department of Safety & Security, which includes information regarding safety resources, crime statistics, University policies and procedures, and safety recommendations. Learn more.

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