The Office of the Provost’s Sexual Misconduct Advisory Board is a group of students that meets monthly in order to serve as a liaison between UChicago CARES (The Center for Awareness, Resolution, Education, and Support) in The Office of the Provost and undergraduate, graduate, and professional students regarding sexual misconduct. The purpose of the advisory board is to provide student perspectives and input on policies, procedures, and programs pertaining to sexual misconduct , and to increase awareness of these on campus.

Advisory Board Charge:

  • To identify and examine effective ways of using technology and other forms of communication to better inform and educate the University community about existing services, programs, support systems, and training.
  • To provide student feedback on existing sexual misconduct programs, documents, and communications, and input regarding the continued development of these resources.
  • To provide insight and feedback on the University’s policies, resources, and reporting options and provide recommendations on increasing student awareness, confidence, and empowerment.
  • To create educational and awareness programming for the University community that reflects the Board’s charge and expertise

2022-2023 Advisory Board Members (NEW)

  • Amrita Mohanty – Medicine
  • Arya Nagraj – College
  • Chandler Littleford – College
  • Chenjie (Lily) Song – College
  • Gabrielle (Gabby) Bayness – College
  • Grace Hansen – Medicine
  • Kristen Chalmers – Medicine
  • Luisa (Sophia) Maguidad – College
  • Madeline Hopper – College
  • Myra Bajwa – College
  • Qin (Stella) Chen – College
  • Simi Ogunnowo – Medicine
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